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Social Security Disability Appeals

After denial of your initial claim by the DDS you must file a “Request for Reconsideration” within 60 days of your denial. A DDS examiner, that did not work on your case, will evaluate your case file and determine if your denial was made in error. 

If you receive a denial of your reconsideration, you once again have 60 days to file for an Administrative Hearing where you present your disability claim to an Administrative Law Judge. The hearing date may be scheduled from three months to one year from the filing date. After the closing of the hearing, the judge will make a determination and notify you of the decision, in writing. The notification process typically takes two months.

If your appeal is denied at the Administrative Hearing, the next step in the process is to file an appeal with the Appeals Council. Once again, you have 60 days to file this appeal after receiving the judgment from the Administrative Hearing. There are several possible outcomes of the Appeals Council that include: 

  • Refusal to hear the case
  • Request for additional information
  • Re-evaluation by your Administrative Hearing Judge
  • Reversal of the decision

Cooper's Consulting knows how to navigate the Social Security Disability system to get you the benefits you deserve. Our experience can increase your chances of being approved and maximize the benefits you are awarded. Don't get denied on a technicality. Put our knowledge to work for you. If you have questions about Social Security or SSI Disability, give our office a call. The consultation is free.